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Acuo develops automated mobile call system for Nashua
Thursday, 19 May 2005

Acuo Technologies (Pty) Ltd has developed the Mobile Automated Service Call Management System (MASC) for Nashua Ltd. The MASC system provides a field service call management system that allows for the automatic routing of service call information between the central mainframe application and the mobile device of a service engineer in the field, using GPRS as the wireless networking medium.

The MASC system is developed in the Microsoft .NET environment, ensuring the longevity and maintainability of the system. This also ensures that new features can be introduced rapidly and will run on any device (including mobile phones and PDAs) that supports the Microsoft .NET compact framework. In order to reduce data cost and optimise speed, all data traffic is compressed. It was interesting to note the comments of engineers and call center staff during training: “It is incredibly fast!”. With GPRS now being available on pre-paid and wireless data costs dropping, applications such as this are feasible and affordable to a broad range of businesses and users. A typical day’s worth of transaction data costs less than one SMS.

“It is very likely that there will be productivity gains through the reduced costs and additional management metrics that are now available. Previously most service call information was communicated via voice over mobile phones. Now it is possible to eliminate unnecessary waiting time as well as reduce rising phone bills, while providing an increased level of professional service performance to customers through automation” says Carl Kies, General Manager of Acuo Technologies.

Braam Venter, Nashua Ltd’s Technology Manager commented “Nashua Ltd is a Document Solutions Company who believes our Engineers must be equipped with the latest Technology Tools to ensure that we provide a professional and efficient service to our customers. With this statement in mind we have identified a need to have a system in place where our Engineers can reduce their administrative duties when receiving and completing customer service calls. The best way this could be achieved is by automating the process as much as possible. In conclusion we required a mobile solution that will seamlessly communicate bi-directional via PDA GSM/GPRS enabled devices. This was achieved with the partnership between Nashua and Acuo Technologies in developing such an application.”

Acuo Technologies is a specialist software engineering company providing turnkey software system solutions and software system integration services for telecommunications and other markets. The company provides development services, involving real-time software, mobile distributed systems, remote management and monitoring, as well as transaction management systems. Acuo offers configurable product components including fingerprint biometric, transaction tracking and prepaid billing subsystems.

Carl Kies
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