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Acuo Biometric Identification System
Friday, 22 July 2005

Cape Town - Reunert R&D company Acuo Technologies has developed a low cost Biometric Identification System that includes a registration system and an off-line fingerprint matching system. This modular, user friendly system can be used to register, compile and verify a roll for use in payment systems, pension payouts and voter registration. This has special application for identifying and eliminating ghost personnel from for example payrolls. All the hardware components of the system are standard commercial-off-the-shelf equipment which lowers the cost of ownership and support, especially in developing countries where traditional proprietary fingerprint biometric identification systems can be seen as prohibitively expensive over time.

The registration system is used to capture personal details, a photograph and fingerprints of the person being registered in an offline environment. The registration information is stored on a local database, allowing the simultaneous capture of registration data at multiple locations. The data is merged with the main database at a later stage.

It is crucial that the integrity of a database containing information regarding people must be guaranteed and auditable, meaning that there is only one record per person (no duplicate records) and any changes to records are recorded for audit purposes.

Biometric Identification Systems need to process vast quantities of biometric data in a reasonable time and the traditional real-time Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems are costly. Acuo Technologies identified the need for a low cost alternative that can be processed offline. A cluster architecture was developed where each workstation in the distributed database contains a subset of the total dataset. Searches for duplicates on the workstations are done in parallel. The cluster is also scalable for faster processing by adding more workstations. Reports can be generated of identified duplicate entries, as well as an audit trail of any changes that were made on records.

Carl Kies, manager of Acuo Technologies said: “We have tested the biometric identification system against a database of over 250,000 personnel with 10 fingerprints each. The results confirmed that the solution meets the requirements of high accuracy with acceptable performance, on a cost effective platform.”

Acuo Technologies is a specialist software engineering company providing turnkey software system solutions and software system integration services for telecommunications and other markets. The company provides development services, involving real-time software, mobile distributed systems, remote management and monitoring, as well as transaction management systems. Acuo offers configurable product components including fingerprint biometric, transaction tracking and prepaid billing subsystems.