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Highlights Accounting policies
Letter to shareholders Income statements
Board and governance structure Balance sheets
Group overview Cash flow statements
Building and developing people Notes to the cash flow statements
Corporate governance Statement of changes in equity
Value added statement Notes to the annual financial statements
Segmental analysis Principal subsidiaries
Five-year financial review Share ownership analysis
Summary of statistics Shareholders' diary
Definitions Corporate administration and information
Directors' responsibility Notice of annual general meeting
Report of the independent auditors Currency conversion table
Secretaries' certification Proxy form
Statutory information  

Shareholders' Diary
Annual general meeting 10 February 2004
Financial year-end 30 September 2004
Announcement of interim results for 2004 18 May 2004
Announcement of final results for 2003 16 November 2004
Annual report for 2004 posted by 10 December 2004
Ordinary shares
Declared Wednesday, 26 November 2003
Last date to trade (cum dividend) Friday, 16 January 2004
First date of trading (ex dividend) Monday, 19 January 2004
Record date Friday, 23 January 2004
Payment date Monday, 26 January 2004
Shareholders may not dematerialise or rematerialise their holdings of Reunert shares between Monday, 19 January 2004 and Friday, 23 January 2004, both days inclusive.
5,5% cumulative preference shares
Declared 26 November 2003
Payable 17 January 2004
Ordinary and 5,5% cumulative preference shares
Declared 17 May 2003
Payable June 2004
Please note that reporting dates are subject to change

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