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For the year ended 30 September 2003
The directors of Reunert Limited are responsible for the integrity of the annual financial statements of the company and group and the objectivity of other information presented in the annual financial statements.

In order to fulfil this responsibility, the group maintains internal accounting and administrative control systems designed to provide assurance that assets are safeguarded and that transactions are executed and recorded in accordance with the groupís policies and procedures.

The annual financial statements, prepared in terms of South African Statements of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, are examined by our auditors in conformity with statements of South African Auditing Standards.

An audit committee, consisting of three independent, non-executive directors, one of whom acts as chairman, and two executive directors, meets periodically with both the internal and external auditors to ensure that internal financial controls provide reasonable assurance that the groupís assets are safeguarded and that the financial records may be relied upon for the preparation of the financial statements.

The directors confirm that the group has adequate resources to operate for the foreseeable future and will remain a viable going concern in the year ahead.

In terms of Section 11.26 of the Listings Requirements of the JSE Securities Exchange, the directors, whose names are given on pages 6 and 7 the annual report of which this statement of directorsí responsibility forms part, are not aware of any legal or arbitration proceedings, including proceedings that are pending or threatened, that may have or have had in the recent past, being at least the previous 12 months, a material effect on the groupís financial position.

Other than the facts and developments reported on in the annual report, there have been no material changes in the affairs or financial position of Reunert and its subsidiaries since the date of posting this annual report.

The annual financial statements appearing on pages 39 to 85 were approved by the board of directors on 26 November 2003 and are signed on its behalf by:
26 November 2003

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