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Financial highlights Statutory information
Letter to the shareholders Accounting policies
Board of directors Income statements
Group operations Balance sheets
Developing people Cash flow statements
Corporate governance Notes to the cash flow statements
Value added statement Statements of changes in equity
Segmental analysis Principal subsidiaries
Five-year financial review Share ownership analysis
Summary of statistics Shareholders’ diary
Definitions Administration
Directors’ responsibility Notice of annual general meeting
Report of the independent auditors Currency conversion table
Secretaries’ certification Board, Director and Committes

C U R R E N C Y   C O N V E R S I O N   T A B L E
  To assist foreign investors, the table below gives the approximate value of R1,00 against selected currencies at 30 September.
  2002 2001

US dollar 0,0952 0,1107
Pound sterling 0,0604 0,0752
Swiss franc 0,1403 0,1798
German mark   0,2380
French franc   0,7979
belgian franc   4,9070
Japanese yen 11,6152 13,2360
Euro 0,0963 0,1216

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