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  Reutech Radar Systems


Number of mines using our radars


Radar Systems enjoyed a successful year, with financial performance exceeding targets on the back of increased sales in existing and new markets. With the development of new products, the business has successfully broadened its client base beyond its traditional defence sector focus.

During the year, the RSR 210N radar system was successfully trialled by the Norwegian Navy and installed on its frigates, with further systems due to be installed in the new financial year. This order represents an important step into the European and international defence markets. We are also investigating an entry into the Middle East homeland security market. Such has been the success of the Norwegian implementation that we are confident of replicating this success with other customers such as India and Canada.

Similar export success was achieved with sales of mining surveillance radar systems. Mining today represents more than half of Reutech Radar Systems’ revenue. These radar systems are currently being used at 46 mines around the world, up from 29 the previous year and just 18 in 2009. The systems hold a dominant position in the South African market and have been well received in North America, Europe, Australia and Papua New Guinea. A major target for 2012 will be to establish a market presence in India and other emerging markets.

During the year a new facility in Stellenbosch was commissioned to manufacture mining radar systems. This new facility currently produces two to three units per month, and we hope to increase production in 2012. Radar Systems will be launching a new-generation mining radar solution in 2012, which is expected to maintain Reutech’s leadership position in this area.

In addition to a solar tracker system for use in various solar power applications, Radar Systems is developing specialised radar for the mitigation of the negative effects of wind turbine generators on air traffic radar. The research and development team in Stellenbosch is able to develop local intellectual property related to renewable energy projects in conjunction with offshore partners as well as cooperating with other companies within the Reunert group for the rollout of large-scale renewable energy products. This augurs well for the future.

Primary brands, products and services Develops and manufactures ground and naval search and tracking radar systems. Significant contracts include the supply of sensors and software for the country’s Ground Based Air Defence System programme, tracking sensors for the Valour-class frigates and more recently, helicopter management radar for the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Mining radar sensor systems used in open-cast mining operations are supplied internationally in increasing quantities as the product range expands.  
Operational areas Based in Stellenbosch  
Market sectors Products are developed for open cast mines, local and foreign defence forces. Renewable energy is a new market sector being explored.  
Standards & verifications ISO 9001: 2010  
Intellectual property rights Floodlight radar system for detecting and locating moving targets in 3D  
Current BBBEE level
2012 target 6


  Carl Kies (48) 
  • Chief executive: Reutech Radar Systems
  • BEng (Elec), MEng (Elec), EMBA
  • Appointed to the group in 1988

  Reutech Communications


The first orders for the new radios are expected in 2012 and will support the operation of the production facility for between seven and ten years.

During the year Reutech Communications’ radio manufacturing plant was relocated to larger, refurbished premises in New Germany, Durban, ahead of the production of new-generation ground-based radios for the SANDF. The SANDF funded the development of this new product line, which contributed significantly to revenues in 2011. We continued the supply of V/UHF communications equipment to the SANDF, an important source of revenue.

The first orders for the new radios are expected in 2012 andwill support the operation of the production facility for between seven and ten years. The investment in New Germany has the capacity to comfortably meet the requirements of this contract while also exploiting the market potential of other productionfor the SANDF.

Exports of airborne radios comprised more than half of Communications’ revenue in 2011; however, a major export order was postponed until late in the year and will only be reflected in the business’ results in 2012. A new airborne radio being developed to replace the ACR500 product range is expected to open new markets.

As part of its efforts to balance its exposure to the military and retail markets, Reutech launched a new venture, E-Track, to develop and market radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This is set to become an important market for the business. Additionally, we are investigating using our expertisein military radio systems to develop a broadband radio systemfor the mining industry.

  Martin de Beer (46) 
  • Chief executive: Reutech Communications
  • BSc (Elec Eng)
  • Appointed to the group in 1989

Diversifying tried and trusted military systems and solutions into commercial applications will be a key future focus of both Reutech Communications and the entire Reutech business.

Primary brands, products and services Specialises in technologically advanced tactical VHF/UHF communication systems for the defence environment. Products and services supplied are:
  • Tactical airborne VHF/UHF radios
  • Tactical/Mobile/Static ground-based VHF/ UHF radios
  • Personal role radios for tactical and mining use.
Operational areas Located in New Germany in KwaZulu-Natal. Facilities include engineering laboratories and environmental testing facilities.  
Market sectors A strategic supplier for communication products to the SANDF for more than 40 years. The company is an approved supplier to many international customers.  
Standards & verifications ISO 9001: 2008  
Intellectual property rights 50% IP holding in PRR developed by Natcom  
Current BBBEE level
2012 target 4