for the year ended 30 September

Notes to the annual financial statements

13.   Interest in subsidiaries (Refer to Annexure A)         
  Shares at cost     2 606,5     2 606,5  
  Provision for impairment     (120,7)    (122,8) 
  Interest in subsidiaries     2 485,8     2 483,7  
  Amounts owing by subsidiaries1     1 965,8     325,6  
  Amounts owing to subsidiaries1     (250,1)    (280,6) 
  Interest in subsidiaries (as reflected in the 2010 balance sheet)        2 528,72
1 These loans have no fixed terms of repayment, do not bear interest except for the amounts owing by/(to) RFCL, which bear interest at rates approximating the overnight deposit/call rates and no security has been provided for them.  
2 The 2010 information has been reclassified on the balance sheet to show amounts owing to and by subsidiaries as a current liability (R280,6 million) and current asset (R325,6 million).