Executive team focus for 2012

Increase value added services       In a market that is becoming increasingly commoditised it is imperative that we strengthen the CBI-electric product and services offering. This will be achieved through introducing and reinforcing our investments in:
  • Systems design
  • Systems integration
  • Growing maintenance outsourcing contracts for municipalities; and
  • Adding to our existing Power Installations and ITmatic offerings.
Explore business opportunities in Africa and Australia       In order to grow our market we need to expand our electrical offerings into Africa and to grow our operation in Australia. We will expand our sales effort into Africa and pursue synergistic acquisitions to complement our existing business in Australia.  
Continued improvement of operational efficiencies       To succeed in the competitive electrical market it is imperative to be a low-cost producer. We will continue to focus on operational efficiencies through:
  • Continued improvement of processes and procedures
  • Maintenance; and
  • Scrap reduction, quality and optimising material usage.


Defining our telecommunications offering for the future       In the short term our separate telecommunication businesses, being Nashua Mobile, Nashua Communications and ECN, have immediate, focused individual strategies that include the migration of LCR customers, improving service levels, customer retention and renewing network agreements.

As we move towards becoming a comprehensive telecommunications services operator, the combined customer base of close to one million customers will be the focus for integrating our communications offering.  
Exploring and leveraging our customer base       Continue to evaluate and pursue cross-selling opportunities within our customer base.  
Getting closer to our customers       Continue to acquire the larger Nashua franchises as they become available.  
Stabilise and drive value from our distribution and franchise channel       Continue to maximise the opportunities available within our distribution channels.  
Pursue commercial opportunities       In order to secure more predictable and sustainable revenue streams it is important for Reutech to continue its drive to pursue commercial opportunities arising from their developments. The following products will continue to be driven commercially:
  • Mining surveillance radars
  • Set-top box manufacturing
  • Mine winch development; and
  • Security surveillance.
Strengthen partnerships with government       Continue partnerships between the government and our defence operations to provide radar and communications equipment, border surveillance and intruder detection radar.

Providing latest generation communications for South Africa‚Äôs ground forces.  


Group-wide focus areas

  Renewed focus on values-driven behaviour       We will revisit the Reunert code of conduct and continue to establish appropriate group wide values.
We aim to instill pride in our employees so as to deliver sustainable profits to our stakeholders.  
  Diversity and transformation       Transformation is a key focus area for 2012 and the years ahead. Individual targets have been set for all business operations to further transform and grow our businesses.  
  Engaging with our stakeholders       We will continue engagement with our key stakeholders to get a better understanding of their expectations such that we can continue to build a sustainable business.