Abbreviations and acronyms

  Abbreviation     Full name
AFS     Annual Financial Statements  
ATC     ATC (Pty) Limited  
Bargenel     Bargenel Investments Limited  
BBBEE     Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment  
BEE     Black Economic Empowerment  
Blue Lake     Blue Lake Telecoms (Pty) Limited  
Cafca     Cafca Limited  
Deloitte     Deloitte and Touche  
ECN     ECN Telecommunications (Pty) Limited  
FECs     Forward Exchange Contracts  
FVTPL     Fair value through profit and loss  
GJ     Giga Joules  
IFRS     International Financial Reporting Standards  
ISO14001:2004     Environmental Management System (EMS) 
ISO9001:2008     Quality Management System (QMS) 
JSE     JSE Limited  
IR     Integrated report  
IAS     International Accounting Standards  
IT     Information technology  
kW     kilowatt  
kWh     kilowatt hour  
MOI     Memorandum of Incorporation  
Nashua Central     Santogyn (Pty) Limited  
Nashua Communications     Nashua Communications (Pty) Limited  
Nashua Holdings     Nashua Holdings (Pty) Limited  
Nashua Mobile     Nashua Mobile (Pty) Limited  
NSN     Nokia Siemens Networks SA (Pty) Limited  
NSN group     Nokia Siemens Networks group  
OSHAS18001: 2007     Occupational Health & Safety  
Pansolutions     Pansolutions (Pty) Limited  
Peotona     Peotona Group Holdings (Pty) Limited  
Powerhouse     Powerhouse Utilities (Pty) Limited  
Quince     Quince Capital (Pty) Limited  
Reunert     Reunert Limited  
RFCL     Reunert Finance Company Limited  
RMB     Rand Merchant Bank (A division of FirstRand Bank Limited) 
RMS     Reunert Management Services Limited  
RRS     Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Limited  
SANDF     South African National Defence Force  
Telecom Cables     CBI-electric: Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables (Pty) Limited