Where we operate


Reunert is structured in three main operations: CBI-electric, Nashua and Reutech. These divisions are the basis on which the group reports its primary business segments.

The group’s operations are situated mostly in South Africa, with minor operations situated in Australia, Germany, Lesotho, USA and Zimbabwe. It is, therefore, not considered meaningful to disclose information on geographic segments according to location of operation.

CBI-electric delivers products and services in infrastructure development. It comprises four business units namely CBI-electric: energy cables, CBI-electric: telecom cables, CBI-electric: low voltage and CBI-electric: medium voltage.

The majority of the Nashua group’s services are provided to corporate customers in South Africa. The group consists of Nashua Office Automation, Nashua Mobile, Nashua Electronics, Nashua Communications and Quince Capital.

Reutech incorporates Fuchs Electronics, Reutech Communications, Reutech Solutions and Reutech Radar Systems. Historically Reutech represented the defence division of Reunert, but over the past few years has successfully launched commercial products.

Segment information about these businesses is presented in the segmental analysis.