Stakeholder engagement


Reunert aims to create, build and maintain relationships with its stakeholders at the appropriate levels. We engage with our stakeholders, through various structures in the organisation in our day-to-day operations. External stakeholders cover government, banks and funders, the media, shareholders, customers, suppliers and others. Internal stakeholders include management and employees, students at the Reunert College, contractors, unions and business partners. In 2011 we will increase our engagement with key stakeholders to address reporting expectations.

  Stakeholder     Type of engagement     Material issues raised     Action taken  
  Shareholders and investing community     Annual reports, interim results, roadshows, presentations, one-on-one meetings, investor conferences, site visits, website and electronic updates, preliminary results in local newspapers     Performance overviews

Cash utilisation

Impact of exchange rates and copper prices

Succession planning  

  Responses are provided during the engagement process by executive directors and investor relations manager  
  Banks and funders     Equity, debt and insurance engagements     Annual credit reviews on funding requirements     Continuous engagement with financial institutions  
  Media     Electronic, print, radio and television     None     Interviews arranged or media releases issued when relevant  
  Government – national, provincial and local     Limited liaison with government     Industrial policy     Discussion with Department of Trade and Industry  
  BEE partners – Peotona Holdings     Quarterly issues forum     Governance, strategy and government policy     Continuing engagement  
  Suppliers     Meetings, suppliers’ forums, equipment forums, presentations and workshops     Negotiations to reduce rand prices in line with strength of the rand     Continuing engagement  
  Vendors: Business partners, franchisees and other agents     Meetings, training, sales conferences and technical updates     None     Continuing engagement  
  Enterprise development: BEE suppliers, SMMEs and cooperatives     Mentorship and business training     Procurement opportunities     Continuing engagement  
  Customers     Relationships maintained with key long-term customers through personal visits, quality control, and regular meetings     Customer complaints on products and services     Reviewed and resolved through management systems. All rectified and necessary feedback provided  
  Employees     Performance appraisals, company and award functions     None     Continuing engagement  
  Trade unions     Collective bargaining, shop-floor forums     None     Continuing engagement  
  Safety approval authorities     Committee membership of National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications, shared product testing and advisory capacity     Non-conforming products in South Africa     Continuing participation  
  Corporate memberships     Continuing engagement with:   Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut, Business Against Crime South Africa, Business Leadership South Africa, Business Unity South Africa, Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa, Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa, Institute of Internal Auditors, National Business Initiative, South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants