GRI content index

GRI indicator  
  Description   Link  
1.1     Strategy and analysis   here  
2     Organisational profile    
2.1     Name   here  
2.2     Primary brands, products and services   from here  
2.3     Operational structure   here  
2.4     Location of headquarters   here  
2.5     Countries where we operate   here; from here  
2.6     Nature of ownership and legal form   here; here  
2.7     Markets served   here; from here  
2.8     Scale of reporting organisation    
2.9     Significant changes   here; here  
2.10     Awards received   here  
3     Report parameters    
3.1-3.8     Reporting period   here  
3.10     Explanation on restatements   here  
3.11     Significant changes from previous reports   here  
3.12     GRI content index   here  
3.12     Assurance   here; here  
4     Governance, commitments and engagement    
4.1     Corporate governance   here  
4.2     Chairman's independence   here  
4.3     Independence of board   here  
4.14 & 4.15     Stakeholder engagement   here  
    Performance indicators    
EN4     Indirect energy consumption – electricity   here  
EN7     Initiatives to reduce indirect energy consumption   here  
EN8     Total water withdrawal by source   here  
EN23     Total number and volume of significant spills   here  
EN28     Environmental compliance   here  
    Human rights   here  
HR5     Freedom of association   here  
    Labour practices and decent work    
LA1     Employee profile   here  
LA4     Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining   here  
LA11     Skills management and lifelong learning   here  
SO2, SO3, SO4     Corruption   here  
SO6     Political donations   here  
SO7     Anti-competitive behaviour   here  
SO8     Public policy compliance   here  
EC1     Value added statement   here  
EC2     Risks and opportunities associated with climate change   here  
EC3     Defined benefit plan obligations   here; here; here