Governance framework


Board of directors

  Non-executive independent directors1   Executive directors  
  BP Connellan Chairman BP Gallagher
  SD Jagoe TS Munday
(non-executive independent) 
DJ Rawlinson
  KJ Makwetla Chief executive GJ Oosthuizen
  TJ Motsohi   NC Wentzel
  KW Mzondeki    
  JC van der Horst    
  R van Rooyen    
  Non-executive director
NDB Orleyn 
1 Ms YZ Cuba will join the board from 1 January 2011 as non-executive independent director.

Board committees

  Audit and risk
Group executive
and risk
  R van Rooyen (chairman) TS Munday (chairman) NDB Orleyn (chairman) NC Wentzel (chairman)
  BP Connellan SD Jagoe SD Jagoe BP Gallagher
  SD Jagoe KJ Makwetla TS Munday DJ Rawlinson
  KW Mzondeki   JC van der Horst   JC van der Horst   GJ Oosthuizen  
1 As from 2011 the audit and risk committee will operate as two separate board committees.


Enterprise risk management, governance and assurance

  Subsidiary boards   Key group
Laws, regulations
and codes
  Nashua Mobile   Group management JSE Listings
  Nashua Communications   Human resources Companies Act
  Nashua Electronics
& Pansolutions
  Technology forum King III Report
  Quince Capital   Group guidelines
and policies
Employment Equity Act
African Cables
  Memorandum and
articles of association
Promotion of Access to
Information Act
low voltage &
  Board and committee charters Competition Act
medium voltage
  Statement of intent BBBEE Act
Aberdare ATC Telecom
  Code of ethics Skills Development Act
  Cables   Reserved matters Occupational Health
and Safety Act
  Reutech Solutions   Dealing in Reunert  
  Fuchs Electronics   securities  
  Reutech Radar Systems   HIV/Aids  
  Reutech Communications   Whistle-blowing  

The Reunert Limited board of directors and management are committed to sound corporate governance and building a sustainable business. The group endeavours to incorporate into its actions the best mutual interests of all stakeholders including investors, employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where we operate.

In the past year, Reunert has identified its areas of non-compliance based on the principles and recommendations of the King Report on Governance for South Africa, 2009 (King III) and the JSE Listings Requirements relating to governance. Reunert achieved the highest rating possible after completing the Institute of Directors South Africa’s governance assessment instrument. Findings have been reviewed by the audit and risk committee and by the Reunert board.

For the 2010 financial year Reunert adhered to the King II code and actively worked towards incorporating King III. Apart from the exceptions outlined here, the board confirms that Reunert complies with the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct as set out in the King III report and that the group complies with all the required JSE codes.