Sustainability report



The nature of the Reunert businesses is such that they are unlikely to pose any significant environmental risk.

A number of interventions, aimed at improving working conditions, have been implemented.

CBI-electric: african cables complies with the ISO 14001 environment management system. As part of an annual environmental assessment, objectives and targets are set and monitored regularly. The company has a system in place to reduce, recover and recycle waste material. In 2008, a full report on environmental risks and physical stresses was commissioned at the company’s Vereeniging factory. The potential risk areas which were assessed included exposure to lead, the presence of hazardous chemical substances, gas and vapours, possible physical stress caused by illumination, noise and heat and the presence of dust and stack emissions. The report showed that the exposure to these potential hazards was generally within acceptable levels. To the extent that certain areas or activities did not comply with acceptable standards, steps have been taken to eliminate all potential hazards.

In 2008, CBI-electric: african cables engaged consultants to do an ergonomics assessment and a survey evaluation of equipment design and the layout of the workplace, with the view to maximising productivity, reducing potential injury and eliminating potential operator fatigue and discomfort. The assessment included the evaluation of spaces which may be confined, conditions that may be too hot or humid, the handling of heavy materials and spinal stress, which could be caused by lack of back support or vibrations in the workplace. The report has resulted in the implementation of a large number of interventions, which are all aimed at improving working conditions.

CBI-electric: low voltage has a comprehensive environmental policy in place to regulate the receiving of hazardous material, the storage and use of hazardous material, the use of personal protective equipment and the disposal and control of hazardous material. In addition, a full-time occupational health sister is on site, working in conjunction with appointed first-aiders. Emergency showers and material safety data sheets are available in the clinic and in all departments handling hazardous material.

Biological monitoring of employees who come into contact with hazardous material is conducted on a regular basis. An industrial effluent analysis report is conducted by the Ekurhuleni Municipality on a monthly basis and any deficiencies which may be reported by the municipality, are corrected immediately.

Telecom Cables has an integrated risk system that encompasses quality, environment, health and safety and all other risk factors. The company is ISO 9000:2000 listed and has embarked on a process to list as an ISO 14001 company. All environmental factors are reviewed by the company on a regular basis.

Telecom Cables conducts a comprehensive safety, health and environmental review every second year. The last survey extended to potential noise pollution, illumination, ventilation and heat stress, dust and volatile organic compounds. In addition, surveys were conducted on the potential presence of copper dust and thinners in certain areas. The result of the survey showed that the exposure to hazardous material was within the relevant occupational limits and, where minor problems were identified, these have been attended to.

During the year Reutech Communications purchased a unit for the extraction of colophony fumes generated by soldering of PC boards in production.

Reutech Fuchs Electronics has a comprehensive system in place to deal with potential environmental hazards:
  • All chemical wastes and hazardous materials or metals are disposed through registered disposal companies who are required to issue a post-disposal certificate;
  • Fluorescent tubes are disposed of in a safe manner;
  • The pH level of the effluent plant is monitored three times daily. In addition, daily monitoring and monthly inspections are undertaken by the city council;
  • Non-biodegradable materials are disposed of by registered disposal companies, which are required to issue certificates of proper disposal.

The batteries which are distributed through Pansolutions comply with global IEC standards and are therefore mercury- and lead-free. All air-conditioners distributed by this company are chlorine-free and use the latest HFC refrigerant, to avoid depletion of the ozone layer. The latest air-conditioners are equipped with energy-saving performance features, which reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.

Office automation products distributed by Pansolutions have earned an energy efficiency star rating. The power usage of broadcast systems has been reduced and has decreased the cost of broadcasting.

Nashua Mobile launched a programme in 2007 to donate R10 to the environmental Foods and Trees for Africa programme, with every subscriber requesting electronic billing rather than receiving paper-based monthly statements. In the current financial year the company’s total contribution was R286 000 which brings the total contribution since inception to R458 000. A further initiative is currently under way which will focus particularly on the areas around the stadiums that will be used for the FIFA 2010 football world cup.



All group companies comply with relevant legal requirements in respect of health and safety matters.

The following progress was made in 2009:
  • Telecom Cables has implemented ISO 14001 which includes health, safety and the environment as well as security and quality. Safety matters are addressed through a well established safety system and an independent audit that took place in 2009 did not identify any fire, safety or security risks.

  • CBI-electric: low voltage has a five-star rating for health and safety standards. An independent safety grading audit is conducted annually and occupational health and safety training takes place on an ongoing basis, including training of employee elected representatives.

  • CBI-electric: african cables maintained an OHSAS 18001 certification. The company was awarded a four-star grading in an IRCA Safety and Health Audit.

  • RRS conducts a series of risk-controlled audits annually. Electrical infrared inspections are conducted on all electrical installations. In addition, a physical audit is performed annually by an independent expert. The company has maintained a five-star rating for several years.