Sustainability report


Outsourcing, procurement and assistance to small- and medium-sized enterprises

During the period October 2007 to September 2009, Nashua Mobile has established 42 BEE-owned or partially owned franchises. The company gives financial support to these franchises in respect of rental, shopfitting and ad hoc miscellaneous items.

Nashua Mobile established the Permaculture food garden at the Reagile Primary School in Winnie Mandela Park in April 2008. The Permaculture food garden is managed by nine mothers whose children attend the Reagile Primary School. Aside from preparing meals for more than 400 children every day as part of a feeding scheme, the mothers of the school children have started to generate additional income from surplus garden produce which they sell to the local community. In this manner, fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables are made available to the community.

The small- and medium-sized enterprises and one micro- enterprise established by CBI-electric: african cables have been running successfully for many years. Bogabane Engineering cc, established in January 2002, produces turning work for the company as well as for a number of small engineering companies in the Vaal Triangle. The company conducts maintenance work and engraves embossing wheels. Atlehang Ma Africa specialises in batting the company’s cable drums and continues to grow. Doocks Construction, which has been in business for many years, rewinds galvanised wire used in the company’s production process and Xylo, which is responsible for the recovery of scrap metal generated during the company’s production process, had another successful year. A micro-enterprise established in 1999 is also starting to prosper. Initially, a former employee started a car-wash enterprise on the company’s premises. She has since expanded into another company in Vereeniging.

Reutech Solutions has entered into an enterprise development venture with M World Business Solutions, a small enterprise, by supporting their business with on-site training, quality management, supply of fire-displacing equipment and site construction equipment. The value of this project is R150 000. This company is assisting Tsala Electrical Services (Pty) Limited with preferential payment and procurement terms.


All group companies have introduced an Aids policy based on a guideline issued by Reunert. It is group policy not to discriminate against anyone who may be HIV positive and all employees who have tested positive are counselled. The strategy is aimed at educating employees about the importance of preventing this potentially fatal medical condition.

A number of subsidiaries have reported specific interventions during the review period. Since 2007 employees at Telecom Cables have participated in a voluntary Aids-testing programme. Those identified as HIV positive are supported by their medical-aid schemes or through programmes provided by the Department of Health.

RRS makes use of communications through a live intraweb which provides monthly information to members of staff about all issues relating to the Aids pandemic. On an annual basis the company has an HIV/Aids awareness week aimed at educating and counselling employees on prevention and management of the condition.

Since October 2006, Nashua Mobile has contracted with a consulting company to provide an HIV/Aids assistance programme. By 2008, approximately 93 education and awareness workshops were conducted across the country. A large number of staff elected to undergo voluntary testing and those who tested positive are on a management programme to help them cope with the disease. This year HIV/Aids assistance was provided as part of an employee wellness programme, in which most members of staff participated.

In the medium term, it is not anticipated that the disease will have an effect on the performance of Reunert companies. Nevertheless, ongoing efforts are being made to reduce and, where possible, prevent the spread of the disease.

Support to community projects

Although the group mainly focuses its social investment on educating children, many Reunert companies also contribute meaningfully to a variety of organisations, especially those that provide food and shelter, education and training and assistance to victims of the Aids pandemic. A summary of some of these social interventions is set out below:

Reunert subsidiary     Beneficiary       Nature of investment  
Nashua Mobile     Reagile Primary School in Midrand       Fully equipped classrooms built at the school in 2008, over 350 000 meals served over four years. A fully equipped kitchen was donated to the school, including cooking utensils and cleaning equipment. A soccer field was erected including a pavilion with seating for 750 spectators. A soccer league was launched in the Winnie Mandela Community in April 2009. Transportation is provided as well as sports equipment.
    The Ark Foundation       A new initiative launched with the Ark Foundation to facilitate improvement of grade 10 to 12 pupils’ command of Mathematics, Science and English through a Saturday school. 180 pupils from Diepsloot were selected for the initiative. The company contributes towards transport and provides food for the attendees.
    The Soweto Hospice       Support for terminally ill children, mostly HIV/Aids sufferers. The company has adopted a paediatric palliative care ward in Soweto Hospice and has pledged R200 000 of support in the financial year.
Telecom Cables     Damonsville Hospice       Money, food and clothing are donated as part of an Aids awareness programme.
    Community Policing Forum       Company Managers Crime Prevention Forum in the Industrial Area  
    Centre of Excellence: Optical Communications at the University of Johannesburg       Joint project with Telkom creates a centre of excellence at this South African University.
    Paul Ntinunye Bursary Fund       Annual sponsorship of R100 000.
    Ennis Thabong Farm School       Upliftment of PDI learners in Mpumalanga.
    Raboni School        
    Jumbolani School        
    Laerskool Vorentoe        
    Meerhof School for Disabled Children        
    Various projects for the previously disadvantaged.     Donations for erection of facilities, assessment of learners and bursaries for tertiary education.
CBI-electric: african cables     Various projects to provide vacation work and learnerships to previously disadvantaged individuals.     Annual spend: R2 million.
Reutech group     Abangani e Nkosini        
    Fountain of Love        
    Mini Care Centre        
    Nomonde’s Orphanage        
    Tembisa Crisis Centre        
Nashua Office Automation           Education, infrastructure and sustainable living. Total annual spend of R802 000.