Abbreviation Full name
Aberdare Aberdare Cables (Pty) Limited
Acuo Acuo Technologies (Pty) Limited
ATC ATC (Pty) Limited
Bargenel Bargenel Investments Limited
Barlows Barloworld Limited
BBBEE Broad-based black economic empowerment
BEE Black economic empowerment
CAFCA Cafca Limited
JSE JSE Limited
Kgorong Kgorong Investment Holdings (Pty) Limited
Moeller Moeller-Electric (Pty) Limited
Nashua Holdings Nashua Holdings (Pty) Limited
Nashua Kopano Kopano Copiers (Pty) Limited
Nashua Mobile Nashua Mobile (Pty) Limited
NSN group Nokia Siemens Networks Group
NSN Nokia Siemens Networks SA (Pty) Limited
PanSolutions Pansolutions (Pty) Limited
Peotona Peotona Group Holdings (Pty) Limited
Powerhouse Powerhouse Utilities (Pty) Limited
PSG PSG Group Limited
Quince Quince Capital Holdings (Pty) Limited
RCCF RC&C Finance Company (Pty) Limited
RDL Reutech Solutions (Pty) Limited
RES Reutech Engineering Services (Pty) Limited
RFCL Reunert Finance Company Limited
RMB Rand Merchant Bank (A division of FirstRand Bank Limited)
RMS Reunert Management Services Limited
RRS Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Limited
Reunert Reunert Limited
Reutech The group’s defence businesses
SANDF South African National Defence Force
Telecom Cables CBI-Electric Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables (Pty) Limited
tr Trillion (US notation)
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