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CORPORATE social investment   cont.  
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Nhleakanipo Jiyane (left) received the 2007 Fellowship Award at Reunert
College and Nomvula Letsoko (right) achieved honours as Dux Student for
2007 at the Boksburg College
During 2007, all Reunert companies submitted their training reports and workplace skills plans to the relevant sector education and training authorities (SETAs). Training courses conducted during the review period spanned the following levels in the group:
Occupational level Total trained
Managers 237
Professionals 136
Technicians and associated professionals 244
Clerks 262
Services and sales 785
Skilled workers 22
Plant operators 258
Elementary occupations 37
Apprentices/trainees 42
Total number of employees trained – 2007 2 023
The national phone repair centre, a division of Fuchs Electronics, was established in 2007. This centre services and repairs handsets for cellular phone operators and service providers, creating 40 jobs. To ensure prompt and efficient service, a comprehensive in-house training programme was initiated, and technicians rapidly trained with the assistance of a major cell phone manufacturer.

Through its association with the Madibeng Business Forum, the Aberdare/ ATC joint venture is actively participating in working groups to assist local authorities and the North-West government with service delivery. This includes services such as providing electricity, water, roads, transport and security. The company also helped the South African Police Services in training police inspectors to identify the different types of copper wire used in manufacturing telecommunications cables. This will hopefully help police reduce the large-scale theft of copper cable.

As a co-sponsor with Telkom, the Aberdare/ATC joint venture contributes R100 000 a year to the Centre for Optical Communication at the University of Johannesburg. In addition, the company has registered eight MERSETA-accredited courses in cable installation. Training is provided to telecommunications network operators such as Telkom, Vodacom, MTN as well as to small contractors from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Most of these contractors are currently responsible for the installation and expansion of large telecommunications networks in South Africa.

Pansolutions has sponsored 10 students at the Central Johannesburg College. Students with an interest in marketing and electrical engineering, both key requirements in the Nashua Electronics group, were identified and will hopefully find jobs in the group in future.

Nashua Mobile has extended its employee training programme to ensure that its suppliers have the required product knowledge to trade successfully. The company provides extensive training in its external distribution channel, including training staff engaged by Nashua Mobile franchisees. For BEE partners, training is provided in basic stock management, procurement processes, customer interaction and cash management.

CBI-electric: African Cables has helped the Sedibeng East District Education Department in its programme for further education and training. Textbooks were donated to support training in mathematics, science and technology.
In addition to Reunert College bursaries, many Reunert companies have their own established bursary schemes for both employees’ children and disadvantaged youths. CBI-electric: African Cables has offered a bursary scheme for employees since 1982. In 1998, this was expanded to include students outside the company. The main objective is to assist children from previously disadvantaged communities. In the last 11 years, the scheme has granted 323 bursaries and, during 2007, 88% of bursaries were made available to children in disadvantaged communities. The company has also awarded six special bursaries to black students studying electrical engineering. Some R262 000 was made available during the 2007 academic year. The company also provides study assistance for staff which has enabled many employees to successfully apply for promotion.

ATC/Aberdare joint venture provided 45 bursaries to the children of employees from previously disadvantaged communities. In 2007, 10 bursaries were granted to children of former ATC employees who died from Aids-related diseases.

Nashua office automation assists staff in lower-income categories by paying for education fees at secondary and tertiary levels.
CORPORATE social investment   cont.  
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