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HH Fischer
  • Chief executive officer: CBI-electric
  • Dipl.-Ing, Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur
  • Born 13 September 1947 in Germany
  • Appointed in 1984
Helmuth attended the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany where in 1972 he obtained a masters degree in mechanical engineering.

Thereafter he studied business administration at the Technical University of Munich, Germany where in 1974 he obtained a masters degree in industrial engineering (equivalent to MBA).

His association with Barlow Rand/Reunert started in 1984 when he emigrated to South Africa to join Heinemann Electric (Pty) Ltd (then 70% owned by Barlow Rand) as manager for manufacturing coordination and information systems.

In 1989 he was appointed managing director of Circuit Breaker Industries. From 1 January 2007 Helmuth has taken divisional responsibility of CBI-electric.

CE Schutte
  • Managing director: CBI-electric: African Cables
  • BSc (Eng)(Elec) Certificate of Competency
  • Born 13 July 1949
  • Appointed June 1999
Ernst started his career as a pupil engineer at the then Union Steel Corporation of SA Ltd’s non-ferrous division in 1973 after he obtained his engineering degree at the University of Pretoria.

He was later appointed as section engineer: electrical; maintenance engineer; production manager; marketing manager and general manager of Usko Ltd.

He served on the boards of Alustang (Pty) Ltd, EPI (Pty) Ltd, Transvaal Copper Rod Company and Usko Ltd.

JA Vorster
  • Managing director: CBI-electric: Aberdare ATC telecom cables
  • BCom, CIS, MBL
  • Born 28 May 1949
  • First employed by ATC in 1971
Koos started his career as assistant accountant at Standard Telephones and Cables (Pty) Ltd (STC) in 1969. He joined ATC in 1971 as accountant and subsequently held the positions of chief accountant and financial director prior to his appointment as managing director in 1986, a position he held until 1999.

Koos joined Marconi South Africa (Pty) Ltd in 1999 as CEO. He left Marconi in 2001 and pursued his own private business interests until he rejoined ATC in October 2002 as managing director.

Following the merger of the ATC and Aberdare telecoms businesses in January 2007 in the new company CBI-electric Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables (Pty) Ltd, Koos was appointed MD of the new company.

CGP Oliver
  • Managing director: CBI-electric: low voltage
  • BSc (Eng) (Elec), MBL, Certificate of Competency
  • Born 29 January 1957
  • Appointed in 1998
Chris started his career as an engineer in training with Eskom. He joined Armscor in 1986 as programme manager. He held the positions of divisional manager and executive manager at Denel Aviation.

Chris joined CBI-electric: low voltage in 1998 as product manager and subsequently held the position of divisional manager until his appointment to the CBI board in 2005.

In 2007 he was appointed managing director of CBI-electric: low voltage.

CN Scoble
  • Managing director: Nashua
  • BBusSci
  • Born 26 January 1961
  • Appointed 1 August 1996
Chris was born in Cape Town in 1961. He was educated at Rondebosch Boys’ High. After completion of his National Service he attended UCT where he obtained a Bachelor of Business Science degree, majoring in Economics and Marketing.

In 1985 Chris joined Nashua as facsimile product manager. He was promoted to marketing manager in 1991 and was appointed to the Nashua board in 1992 as marketing director. In 1993 he assumed the sales portfolio.

Four companies in the Nashua group report to Chris. These being Nashua Office Automation, Nashua Holdings, Royce Imaging and Nashua Kopano. He serves as a director of Nashua Mobile and Quince.

M Taylor
  • Managing director: Nashua Mobile
  • Born 15 June 1963
  • First appointed in 1999
Mark was appointed managing director of Nashua Mobile in July 2003. He has worked in the South African cellular industry for the past eight years and has more than 20 years of experience in the information and communication technology industry.

As an IT specialist, Mark worked extensively in the mainframe arena in the banking industry at the start of his career. He was intimately involved in the consolidation of IT systems following Nedbank’s mergers with companies such as Perm and Cape of Good Hope.

He was the project manager responsible for the merger of Plessey and Nedtel in 1999 and played the same role when Nedtel and Nashua merged to form Nashua Mobile in 2001.

MCA Maddox
  • Group managing director: Nashua Electronics
  • BA Econ (Hons) (Victoria Univ of Manchester, UK); Snr Exec Prog I & II (Wits); Snr Exec Prog III (Harvard); Advanced Marketing (UCT/Wits)
  • Born 17 June 1961, Manchester, UK
  • Appointed in 1983
Martin has been employed by Reunert since his arrival in South Africa from the UK in 1983. He held the position of group product manager from 1988 to 1990 and was appointed marketing manager until 1991. He was made a director in 1991 and held the position of marketing director, then group marketing director until his appointment in 1997 to the position of managing director: Panasonic Systems Company. Martin has held the position of group managing director since 1999.

He is chairman of the Television Manufacturers’ Association and executive member of the Consumer Electronics Association.

PW Smit
  • Managing director: Reutech
  • MEng, MBA
  • Born 12 December 1961
  • With Reunert group since 1987
Piet joined the group in the radar division in Stellenbosch as a development engineer in 1987. Studying part-time, he obtained an MEng degree from the University of Stellenbosch and, by 1994, an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

In 1999 he was appointed as managing director of RRS and in December 2003 was appointed managing director of Reutech.

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