for the year ended 30 September 2006
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Directors’ responsibility
Secretaries’ certification
Report of the independent auditors
Directors’ report
Accounting policies
Income statements
Balance sheets
Cash flow statements
Notes to the cash flow statements
Statements of changes
in equity
Notes to the annual financial statements
Principal subsidiaries
Share ownership analysis
Shareholders’ diary
Corporate administration and information
Currency conversion table
Notice of annual general meeting - PDF 106kb
Proxy form - PDF 82kb
1. Revenue
2. Operating profit is stated after
3. Interest and dividends received
4. Interest paid
5. Abnormal items
6. Taxation
7. Dividends declared during the year
8. Adoption of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and change in accounting policies and other restatements
9. Number of shares used to calculate earnings per share
10. Headline earnings, normalised earnings and normalised headline earnings
11. Property, plant and equipment
12. Intangible assets
13. Goodwill
14. Interest in subsidiaries
15. Interest in associates
16. Other investments and loans
17. RC&C Finance Company accounts receivable
18. Deferred taxation assets/liabilities
19. Inventory and contracts in progress
20. Accounts receivable
21. Non-current assets held for sale
22. Cash and cash equivalents
23. Share capital and premium
24. Non-distributable reserves
25. Long-term borrowings
26. Provisions
27. Commitments
28. Contingent liabilities
29. Directors’ remuneration and interests
30. Retirement benefit information
31. Summarised financial information of principal associate companies
32. Summarised financial information of joint ventures
33. Related party transactions
34. Financial instruments
35. Unconsolidated subsidiary
36. Acquisition of businesses
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