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Reunert companies have systems or policies in place on activities, products and services they control or influence that could have a significant impact on the environment.

CBi-electric: african cables complies with the ISO 14001 environment management system and, as part of its risk policy, annual environmental objectives and targets are set and regularly monitored. The company has a system in place to reduce, recover and recycle waste materials.

The Panasonic television factory in Cape Town is the only television manufacturer in South Africa that uses a lead-free soldering process. Lead-free soldering is also used for products manufactured for CBi-electric: low voltage’s circuit boards.

RDL is ISO 9001 accredited and has adopted the SANS 14001:2005 environmental management system. This system is maintained and regularly improved to ensure the optimal effectiveness of RDL’s environmental management systems strategy. The company is introducing non-lead core solder wire in the manufacturing and repair of circuit boards, and all solvents used are CFC-free to reduce potential damage to the ozone layer.

Reutech Radar Systems has implemented a radio-frequency radiation safety policy to protect employees and the public against the possible hazardous effect of non-ionising radiation emitted by its products. Since South African standards are not yet available, the company is complying with Australian standards for general public exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields.
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