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Directors’ responsibility
Secretaries’ certification
Report of the independent auditors
Directors’ report
Accounting policies
Income statements
Balance sheets
Cash flow statements
Notes to the cash flow statements
Statements of changes
in equity
Notes to the annual financial statements
Principal subsidiaries
Share ownership analysis
Shareholders’ diary
Corporate administration and information
Currency conversion table
Notice of annual general meeting - PDF 106kb
Proxy form - PDF 82kb
To assist foreign investors, the table below gives the approximate value of R1,00 against selected currencies at 30 September:
  2006  2005
US dollar 0,1297  0,1573
Pound sterling 0,0695  0,0893
Swiss franc 0,1617  0,2035
Japanese yen 15,3350  17,8200
Euro 0,1021  0,1309
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