AGM, Financial calendar and Dividends


Details for the annual general meeting are:

  Tuesday, 14 February 2023
  10:00 am
  To be held entirely through the use of an interactive electronic platform

Financial Calendar


AGM   14 February   Tuesday
Bank of America Investor Conference   15 March   Wednesday
End of financial half-year   31 March   Friday
Closed period   1 April –23 May   Saturday - Tuesday
Board meeting   23 May   Tuesday
Interim results: SENS*   24 May   Wednesday
Interim results: Webcast and presentation*   25 May   Thursday
Investor Roadshows   29 - 30 May   Monday - Tuesday
Avior Investor Conference   13 – 15 June   Tuesday - Thursday
Investor Day: Cape Town   22 June   Thursday
Financial year-end   30 September   Saturday
Closed period   1 October – 23 November   Sunday - Thursday
Board meeting   21 November   Tuesday
Final results: SENS*   22 November   Wednesday
Final results: Webcast and presentation*   23 November   Thursday
Investor Roadshows   27 - 28 November   Monday - Tuesday
Integrated Report published   On or about 20 December   Wednesday

Reunert AGM


Dividend history for Reunert Ordinary shares (RLO)
Remuneration report